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Thank you for joining us at
The 28th Jackson Hole Writers Conference
Stay tuned for our 29th Conference
June 25-27, 2020

  • Anne Hillerman | Fiction

  • Bruce Coville | Children’s | Young Adult

  • Catherine Gilbert Murdock | Middle Grade

  • Louisa Luna | Fiction

  • Benjamin Percy | Fiction

  • Gregory Zeigler | Fiction

  • Tiffanie DeBartolo | Fiction

  • Florence Williams | Creative Nonfiction

  • Nickole Brown | Poetry

  • Jessica Jacobs | Poetry

  • David Romtvedt | Poetry

  • Tim Sandlin | Fiction

  • Jeremy Schmidt | Creative Nonfiction

  • Catherine McKenzie | Fiction

  • Patti Sherlock | Young Adult | Creative Nonfiction

  • Kevin Grange | Creative Nonfiction

  • Tina Welling | Fiction

  • Susan Marsh | Creative Nonfiction | Fiction

  • Deborah Turrell Atkinson | Fiction

  • Naomi Hirahara | Fiction

  • Jack Clinton | Fiction | Nonfiction

  • Shawn Klomparens | Fiction

  • Laurie Kutchins | Poetry

  • Amy Kathleen Ryan | Young Adult

  • Nanci Steveson Turner | Middle Grade

  • Broughton Coburn | Creative Nonfiction

  • David Riley Bertsch | Fiction

  • Matt Daly | Poetry

  • Sheryl Haft | Children’s Illustrated

  • Scott Schumaker | Children’s

  • Elena Hartwell | Fiction

  • Nina Swamidoss McConigley | Fiction

  • Madelyn Burt | Agent

  • Adam Schear | Agent

  • Amy Williams | Agent

  • Naomi Gibbs | Editor

  • Connor Guy | Editor

Anne Hillerman

Bruce Coville

Catherine Gilbert Murdock

Louisa Luna

Benjamin Percy

Gregory Zeigler

Tiffanie DeBartolo

Florence Williams

Nickole Brown

Jessica Jacobs

David Romtvedt

Tim Sandlin

Jeremy Schmidt

Catherine McKenzie

Patti Sherlock

Kevin Grange

Tina Welling

Susan Marsh

Deborah Turrell Atkinson

Naomi Hirahara

Jack Clinton

Shawn Klomparens

Laurie Kutchins

Amy Kathleen Ryan

Nanci Turner Steveson

Broughton Coburn

David Riley Bertsch

Matt Daly

Sheryl Haft

Scott Schumaker

Elena Hartwell

Nina Swamidoss McConigley

Madelyn Burt

Kristen Moeller

Adam Schear

Amy Williams

Naomi Gibbs

Connor Guy

The Jackson Hole Writers Conference has united people from all walks of life with their passion for words and stories for almost three decades. Professional and novice writers from Jackson Hole, The United States, and around the world, attend the conference each year.

The conference takes place in Jackson Hole’s Center for the Arts where writers can meet each other and the faculty, share ideas over a glass of wine or beer, and make new contacts while attending the variety of workshops offered.

©Bo McDowell

Every year JHWC hosts authors representing a variety of genres, poets, editors, and agents, and this year is no exception.

This year’s featured speakers included authors Anne Hillerman, Bruce Coville, Benjamin Percy, Louisa Luna, Florence Williams, and Catherine Gilbert Murdock.

Additional guest faculty included authors Gregory Zeigler, Tiffanie DeBartolo, Scott Schumaker, Naomi Hirahara, and Lisa Jones; poets Nickole Brown, Jessica Jacobs, and David Romtvedt; editors Naomi Gibbs of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and Connor Guy of Metropolitan Books; and agents Madelyn Burt of Stonesong, Kristen Moeller of Waterside Publishing, Adam Schear of Defiore and Company, and Amy Williams of The Williams Company.

Our resident faculty included Tim Sandlin, Jack Clinton, Patti Sherlock, Catherine McKenzie, Tina Welling, David Riley Bertsch, Deborah Turrell Atkinson, Elena Hartwell, Nina McConigley, Susan Marsh, Shawn Klomparens, Kevin Grange, Broughton Coburn, Jeremy Schmidt, Laurie Kutchins, Matt Daly, Nanci Nanci Turner Steveson, Amy Kathleen Ryan, and Sheryl Haft.

Each conference is held at the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts, a modern setting in Jackson Hole. It is within walking distance of the town’s many amenities, eateries, and hotels. Jackson Hole continues to draw visitors from all over the world, even in June, so obtaining accommodations early is essential.

JHWC_20140626-07Manuscript critiques are an important part of our conference, providing a way for you, the writer, to discuss your work one-on-one with experienced writers, editors, and agents. Read through our guidelines on the critiques and be aware that some of the guest faculty authors do not offer critiques; check their bios for this information. Our Silent Auction features critiques from most of our guest faculty, which is a great way to support the conference as well and to get some concentrated feedback on your writing.

Jackson Hole’s writing community began with the likes of Struthers Burt and Owen Wister who came out West to enliven their spirits with open spaces and nature’s untainted wonders. Over the years, many writers have passed through this area and many have stayed. Since the 1970s a noticeable literary undercurrent feeds the intellectual and arts community. Check out our resident writer faculty. They spend every season in this place and know it well.

At the Jackson Hole Writers Conference, you will have ample opportunity to share your work, whether in the critiques or workshops or at the open mic event! Writers from Maine to California, from Texas to Alaska know their fellow attendees will listen well. Serious writers pour into Jackson Hole each June looking for a fresh, but critical eye on their work. We think they get that, and that’s why they come back year after year. The collective story of the Writers Conference grows alongside the achievements of our guests. This year, that could be you starting a new tradition.