UW MFA Student Offered 2018 Conference Scholarship

Emily Rose Powers graduates this May with an MFA from the University of Wyoming, where she has been under the mentorship and tutelage of novelists Brad Watson and Alyson Hagy.

“Emily is first rate,” Hagy emailed us. “Talented, bright, social, mature…with interests in the arts and sciences. I’d take her anywhere. She gets high marks from everyone down here.”

After Emily expressed great enthusiasm for this year’s guest and resident faculty, we had to say yes, come. When she was twenty, Emily says she read Peter Heller’s first novel, The Dog Stars. “Five years later, I still recommend it to others,” she wrote in her application. “From sentence level cadence and beauty to his vision of larger scale plot and character development, I have learned a lot about writing.”

She also cited Jon Pineda (poet, novelist and memoir writer) and writer/editor Mark Hummel as great draws. “I have begun to move into hybrid work and I think that both … are beyond equipped to discuss and inform this new stage of writing for me in profound ways.”

–Connie Wieneke