A sampling of books published by past participants:



Carol Deering – Havoc and Solace – Sastrugi Press (November 2018)

Cara Sue Achterberg – Another Good Dog: One Family & Fifty Foster Dogs – Pegasus Books (2018)

Craig Youngblood – Somewhere – Wyoming Writers traditional poetry winner – chosen by Lori Howe

J.C. Gable – Willie – novel set in Wyoming (available at Amazon)

Betsy Orient Bernfeld – Eve -poetry chapbook (forthcoming from Finishing Line Press May 2018)

Nicole Anderson – The Breathing Stories – an anthology about the Wasatch Front of Utah

Larry Jorgenson – Not Water Over The Dam (Outskirts Press)

Macye Lavinder Maher – Fireworks & Fertility (1st in a trilogy)

Marie “Ketsia” Theodore-Pharel – Rope (Grace Donner Trilogy)

Eric Neuenfeldt – Wild Horse (UMass Press) – Grace Paley Prize in Short Fiction

Tim Fitts – The Soju Club (published in South Korea in Korean).

Lori Howe – Cloudshade: Poems of the High Plains and Voices at Twilight: A Poet’s Guide to Wyoming Ghost Towns

Karla Jay – Speaking In Tungs

Ellen Malphrus – Untying The Moon

Robert Moeller – Provenance

Elena Hartwell – One Dead, Two To Go

Cate Cabot – Uncharted

Mary Beth Baptiste – Altitude Adjustment

Jenny Fiero – As You Go Out To The World in Sandscript

R.E. Mitchell – Souls of Lions

Tim Fitts – Sea Bean in Granta. Read on line at http://www.granta.com/New-Writing/Sea-Bean

Julia Corbett – Seven Summers: A Naturalist Homesteads In The Modern West

Mary Billiter – Not My Kid…

Lorinda Donovan – Children of Earth

David Abrams – Fobbit

Malcolm Brooks – Painted Horses

Sophie Echeverria – Look Both Ways Before Breaking The Law & When In Doubt, Step On The Gas

Gregory Zeigler – Travels With Max

John Bishop – The Santa Monica Diet

Holly Payne – The Virgin’s Knot & The Sound of Blue

D.L Birchfield – Field of Honor & Black Silk Hankerchief

DC Stanfa – The Art of Table Dancing: Escapades of an Irreverent Woman

April Christofferson – Six novels, including Alpha Female & Trapped

Thomas Nordegren – The A-Z Encyclopedia of Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Linda Jacobs – Summer of Fire & Rain of Fire

Chan Atchley – The Soul of the Land & We, The Shamans

Stephen Grace – Under Cottonwoods: A Novel of Friendship, Fly Fishing, and Redemption

Patti Hill – Like A Watered Garden

Sam Lightner, Jr. – Thailand: A Climbing Guide & Exotic Rock

Margaret Hevel – The Ivory Elephant

Meredith Blevins – The Hummingbird Wizard & The Vanished Priestess

Darla Worden – Road Shoes

Joni Sensel – Reality Leak & The Garbage Monster

Ed Zaruk – Altar and Throne