Jackson Hole Writers is happy to announce the recipients of the Cultural Council of Jackson Hole scholarships for 2016. These scholarships allow three students and two teachers to attend the conference and even receive critiques of their work. It is a great opportunity for them and for us. We are grateful for the Cultural Council for this grant.

The words of scholarship recipient Emma Harrison-Springett inspire us at the conference and highlight why it is important to offer these writing opportunities to the community and our young people. We are always glad to offer this to students who are excited about writing.

“It mattered that we were brought together with a common passion,” Emma wrote in her application, “and that we were all there for the exact same reason – to get better at the thing we loved.”

Last year Emma attended the conference, a gift from her parents. And this year she is coming as a scholarship recipient. She looks forward to spending time with people, like her, who would love to read and write. She is a student at the Journeys School.

Sawyer Skye Lucas-Griffin (pictured below) is a lover of writing and reading. A freshman at Jackson Hole High School, she edits and produces Spark, the school’s evolving news/literary magazine. Her favorite book by far is that all-American classic, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Outside of engaging in literary activities, she plays viola, ski races, marvels at science, and people-watches in grocery store. Like all writers, she probably eaves-drops on conversations at local cafes.


This is Elizabeth Chambers’ third year to receive a scholarship.  She will have finished her junior year at Jackson Hole High School by conference time. A voracious reader, from novels to a dictionary of idioms, she loves to write everything from poetry to speculative short fiction. We are pleased that she wanted to come again this year. She fully participates in the workshops, which is a delight.

JHHS teacher Michelle Roundy wanted to attend the conference for a variety of reasons.

“I have always had a passion for writing but since I have been involved in mainstream public education,” she said in her application,  “I have not been writing like I did in the past. As a mother of an 18-year-old daughter, who is a senior this year and a four-year-old daughter who is in preschool and who has Down syndrome, I feel the need to create my art.”


Michelle is a fifth year instructional coach. She has taught AP Language and Composition at the high school level, as well as English. A teacher who has been involved in literacy education for more than 12 years, she is a perfect candidate for a scholarship.

The last scholarship goes to Lori Clark-Erickson. As the high school Teacher Librarian, she advocates for student writers, poets, History Day competitors, Young Authors, and all humanities endeavors. She is the go-to person if we at the conference are looking for young writers.

“The JH Writers Conference is a wonderful “real life” experience for our creative students,” she wrote in her letter. “The opportunities I’ve had at the last few conferences have inspired me to encourage students to get involved with their writing.”

Lori has come as our guest in the past, helping to shepherd the high school students through the conference and preparing them for full participation. We appreciate that immensely and felt she deserved a scholarship.

Any students or teachers interested in applying for a scholarship, can send an email to us at the contact tab on the conference website. Or if you are at the high school, talk to Lori.