Don’t be grumpy like a gargoyle because you missed out! Our fourth Silent Auction will again feature some amazing opportunities to have your work critiqued in more detail, and to benefit from the best in their fields. And that’s saying a lot considering how successful the earlier ones have been. We are grateful for the faculty who donate their time to this–for us and for our participants.

Please also remember that format of the critique offered is clearly spelled out in terms of the date by which it needs to be completed and what the parameters are. The reviewer is not getting paid to do this. It is a donation of their time to the conference and a donation by you to the conference. This is a one-time relationship between author and critique person. We respectfully request that all parties follow the guidelines.

 The following guest and resident faculty have agreed to do critiques:

  • Cindy Uh, 50 pages with Skype session to follow up.
  • Jamie Coyne, 50 pages.
  • Matt Daly, Chapbook
  • Kevin Grange, 50 pages, nonfiction book proposal
  • Mark Gottlieb, 1 page, or query letter critique
  • Mark Hummel, 50 pages
  • Melissa Edwards, 50 pages
  • Nanci Turner Steveson, 2 one hour Skype visits with a school or a critique of 30 pages of fiction
  • Sheryl Haft, Picture Book critique
  • Tim Sandlin, critique of 40 pages of fiction