Sara McWhirter, 2017 Scholarship Recipient

Read about the 2017 scholarship recipients. And check back often for requirements for 2018.

Jackson Hole Writers offers a limited number of scholarships for the conference registration. Jackson Hole area high school students are eligible through an application process. Please use the contact form to request a scholarship, whether you are in high school or at a Wyoming university or college. Please include why you want a scholarship, your commitment to coming to the conference, and two references as to your qualifications. Full scholarship students will also receive the one-on-one critiques, but will have to pay for the extended, if they wish to have that critique as well.

If you are at University of Wyoming, please chat with Jeff Lockwood, creative writing program director, about us. In the past we have had UW faculty as guest faculty, including Nina McConigley. This year Alyson Hagy will be one of our speakers. Grad student Carly Rita Frazier (pictured above) has come twice. Ask her what she learned.

Scholarships are not based entirely on need, but rather a combination of need and commitment to writing. There are also volunteer opportunities during the conference, but this also is a huge commitment. Volunteers also must pay for any critiques.

We also offer half off on the registration fee for students enrolled in MFA programs at other campuses. These do not include the critiques.

For questions or to apply: Contact us.